Interested in doing a PhD on care, disability, ageing, disasters or environmental issues from an STS and feminist approach? CareNet supports PhD Grant Applications on these topics for the Information and Knowledge Society Doctoral Programme in the Open University of Catalonia.

The call for grant applications for the Information and Knowledge Society Doctoral Programme at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya is open. To know more about this doctoral programme check this website. For a more detailed description of the rules and conditions of the Doctoral grants, have a look at this website.

The deadline for applications for the doctoral programmes is 12 February 2019.  

If you are considering doing your PhD around the following topics you can get in contact:

  1. Science and technology studies (STS).
  2. Technological and social innovations for later life and independent living.
  3. The reconfiguration of care in a context of crisis: self-help groups, mutual support and communities of care. 
  4. Concerned groups and technoscientific activism.
  5. Sensing technologies, public awareness and participation
  6. Technoscience and politics of emergencies, crisis and disasters.
  7. Urban infrastructures of care: Socio-spatial relations on labour, care and the body.
  8. Disability, gender and sexuality. 

To do so, please send your CV and an expression of interest to before the 8th of February 2019