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Bethany Hannah

Predoctoral Researcher

Bethany Hannah is a PhD Candidate at the UOC and an Early Stage Researcher in the PyroLife Innovative Training Network.  She is researching community engagement, specifically engaging communities at risk to wildfire.

Bethany has a unique and varied background in multiple fields and in public, private, and nonprofit sectors.  Her academic background includes a Master of Arts degree in Environmental Studies with a concentration in wildland fire management and communications. Her Master’s thesis work included creating a wildland fire oral history and digital storytelling project called The Smokey Generation, which she later turned into non-profit organization called the American Wildfire Experience. Her thesis examined the language firefighters use to describe the role of fire in the environment and the meanings and values they put forward through their storytelling. The non-profit has continued the work of The Smokey Generation and expanded with a variety of initiatives that showcase how people experience and relate to wildfire.

Bethany has been involved in the wildland fire community, including as a firefighter, for more than 20 years and is a passionate advocate of understanding, examining, and communicating the story of wildland fire (particularly our human relationship to fire).  Bethany is looking forward to exploring how storytelling is used to enhance community engagement in fire prone areas.

  • Community engagement / digital community engagement
  • Storytelling
  • Living with fire
  • Comunicative interaction


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