Rights, information, needs and active involvement in disaster risk management



Here we detail how the roles children and young people can play in disaster risk management (DRM) started to become visible. What we learned from CUIDAR is useful not just for advancing knowledge about children’s agency, but also to provide practitioners with guidance on how to work with children, which outcomes to expect, and the advantages and challenges encountered along the way. This chapter draws on the Dialogues, Mutual Learning Exercises (MLEs) and National Policy Debates conducted in the five participating countries. It blurs the boundaries between different stages of the project to focus on transversal outcomes and lessons learned through continued work with children and adult stakeholders.

Delicado, Ana; Arenas, Míriam; Nikolaraizi, Magda; Kanari, Charikleia; Grisi, Anna; Cordani, Flaminia & Keir, Stefanie (2020). Rights, information, needs and active involvement in disaster risk management. In Delicado A., Mort M., & Rodríguez-Giralt I. (Eds.), Children and Young People’s Participation in Disaster Risk Reduction: Agency and Resilience (pp. 63-92). Bristol: Bristol University Press. 

Anna Grisi (Save the Children)

Flaminia Cordani (Save the Children)

Sofia Ribeiro (Universidade de Lisboa)

Charikleia Kanari (University of Thessaly)

Vassilios Argyropoulos (University of Thessaly)

Ana Delicado (Universidade de Lisboa)

Magda Nikolaraizi (University of Thessaly)

Stefanie Keir (Save the Children)