Knowledge born through experience: threads in research, writing and life



Starting from the premise that the researcher’s perspective and subjectivity make the construction of the object studied unique and constitute the process of knowledge production, the aim of this paper is to make explicit the links between the research and the “astonishing experience” lived from and in my own corporality. By that I mean to defend the insight born from life experiences and reflexivity as an essential methodological tool for producing knowledge.


Garcia, Laia. (2019). Sabers nascuts de la vivència. Articulacions entre la investigació, l’escriptura i la vida. En: Autoetnografías, cuerpos y emociones (II) Perspectivas feministas en la investigación en salud (pp.39-57). Colección Antropologia Mèdica, 31. Publicacions de la Universitat Rovira i Virgili.