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Assistant Professor · Part-time Researcher

PhD in Social Psychology, Department of Social Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Research credits in the official Master of Research and the doctorate studies in Social Psychology. Major thesis: “Las Festividades Caraqueñas, crónica de una política en exclusión” (Hons. with distinction), supervisor: Félix Vázquez Sixto, Department of Social Psychology, UAB. [2000 – 2003].

BA in Sociology, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), [1988-1996].

I’m really excited to join this group, CareNet, with a completely new path of research in which low vision and aural disabilities could be relocated and legitimated as “equivalent experiences” in building reality. In this sense, the aim is to introduce the new term, “dens epistemology” as the way in which cognition takes place in a low vision person and how it can be thought academic and politically. For instance, vanishing the barriers between ability and disability. In so doing, the project recognizes qualitative autobiographical approaches on the basis of this “capturing of experience”. Nevertheless, the project steps ahead in emphasizing “essaying/rehearsing the self as the acute method for both: “sketching self-experience” and “drawing social context, implicated in the question of how could we reflect critically on cognition, experience and making sense of a low vision person. On the other side, this project discusses with patronizing and/or positivistic approaches conceiving low vision as “an individual condition” and/or as a residual of a 20/20 view. Instead of the latter, this project suggests that low vision is rather a matter of cognition of reality not yet studied as a source of knowledge perhaps implicated in a new policy of care.

As a sociologist, starting this new path absolutely based on individual experiences and embodied knowledge, means one more sept in the long seeking for answers on the basic question social sciences: how do power and cognition engage in the judgment of the self and the others in social life?

Guided by this, my interests in research realms and approaches have been changing in a wide range as follows:

  • Epistemologies, Ontologies and politics of the senses.
  • Transitional justice and the Spanish political system
  • General Theory of Social Systems and qualitative methods, biographical discursive and embodied approaches.
  • Law and Political Philosophy
  • Gender approaches, feminism and LBGT
  • Criminal and Prison Systems
  • Disease and Health Care Systems
  • Latin American Political Systems and corruption

Maestres, Brígida and Cruells Marta  (2011): “What are European penitentiary policies resonating at? The annoyance role of social meaning in the channelling of the processes attempting the Europeanization of penitentiary policies”. In: Serena Affuso, Simone D’Alessandro and Giulio Marini (Ed):  “The global next scenarios”. Andrea Pitassi Book Series (Tehory of Systems and Complexity) Aracne Editrice LTD, Rome, 2011.

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Maestres, Brígida and Cruells Marta  (2009): “Modelos de política Criminal y Penitenciaria internacional”. Invesbreu: butlletí de difusió de recerques, 45, Available in:…/INVESBREU_45.pdf

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Lectures and Conference Papers

Conference participation: Workshop on “La Justicia Transicional en el País Vasco y España, una perspectiva comparada”. Universidad del País Vasco / Instituto Internacional de Sociología Jurídica. Oñati, july 28-30, 2014.

Conference participation: Congreso Internacional Jurisdicción Universal en el Siglo XXI. Fundación Internacional Baltasar Garzón Real. Madrid, May 20 to 23th, 2014.

Conference paper (invited): Capturing energy in a world already set in motion Luhmann’s concerns and statements on ecological communication in contemporary societies: introducing “resonance” as the key concept of social communication. University Gabriele d’Anunzio, Chieti-Pescara, Italy. May, 2011.

Conference participation: Workshop on: European Penology? Instituto Internacional de Sociologia Juridica. Oñati, july 22-23 2010

Conference paper: Maestres Brígida, Cruells Marta: “What are European penitentiary policies resonating at? The annoyance role of social meaning in the channelling of the processes attempting the Europeanization of European penitentiary policies”. WCSA  First Conference. Boloña, Italy. November 2010.

Conference paper (invited), Maestres,, Brígida: “la construcció social de l’empresonament”. Round Table::.  “Del tancament al Regim Obert: un camí cap a la reincerció Social” Fundació Sergi. Girona, July 15th, 2010

Conference paper: Maestres, Brigida; Cruells, Marta; Subirats, Joan: Políticas del castigo: análisis comparado de discurso en política penitenciaria. Centre d’Estudis Jurídics (Generalitat de Catalunya). Barcelona, 2009.

Lecture: Maestres, Brigida: Las Festividades Caraqueñas: crónica de una política en exclusión. School of Sociology, Universidad Central de Venezuela. Caracas, Venezuela, 2003.

Lecture: Maestres, Brigida: En torno a Niklas Luhmann, ciclo de conferencias “Reflexiones sobre el Saber”, Asociación MULTI-VERSUS, UAB. Caracas, Venezuela, 2000.

20011 – 2015

  • PhD disertación: “Reflexiones Psicosociales para una crónica del nosotros. Tiempos, espacios y sujetos políticos en la STS 101/2012, de 276 de febrero”

This research addresses the cognitive frameworks embedded in the criminal/penitentiary policy of Catalonia and Spain. More precisely, is concerned with the moral and ethical dimension of this public policy, as the main cognitive framework guiding penal and penitentiary execution in regard to the dictatorship atrocities during the Francisco Franco regime.


April – September 2012

-Researcher on: SPOKEN: Scrutinizing Probation in European Nations. A Discourse Analysys on The Knowledges of CS/M. On Behalf of IGOP and CEP, I was in charge of schetching an European Project in Community Sanctions and Meassures.


February 2011 – November 2011

  • Researcher on: “Veus Silenciades”, funded by l’Institut Català de la Dona. At Departament de Psicologia Social – Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Based on discourse analysis, as well as in gender and bio politic approaches, this research aims to describe sociopolitical and subjective meanings and conditions associated to the contemporary women suffering of “chronic pain” (commonly recognized as fibromyalgia), in Catalonia, Spain.


September 2009 – January 2011

  • Researcher: “Diagnos Transversalitat de Gènere” (IGOP – UAB), Regidoria de Dones, Ajuntament de Barcelona.

The focus of this research was on all public policies associated with the Government of Barcelona City. The aim was to assess the extent in which gender-equality principles are embedded in such policies.


March 2008 – January 2009

  • Researcher and co-author: “Casos de Política Penitenciaria: análisis discursivo y comparativo de Dinamarca, Francia, Reino Unido y Gales y Canadá. Centre d’Estudis Jurídics – Generalitat de Catalunya. Coordinated by the Institut de Govern i Politiques Públiques (IGOP-UAB) and the Social Psychology Department (UAB), professors: Joan Subirats, Raquel Gallego Calderón (IGOP), Miquel Domenech y Lupicinio Iñiguez (DPS-UAB).

The research was based in the analysis of the discourses which justify the prison policies in Denmark, France, England & Wales, and Canada. The analysis was focused on the discourses originated in the government, administrative and public opinion spheres of the mentioned nations, with the purpose of identifying the cognitive frames supporting the policies of the nations studied. The data was presented by way of analytical categories that determine the singularity of the policies in each nation, thus creating a proposal of comparison between them in qualitative terms.


October 2008 – January 2009

  • Consultant: Project: “Ni de aquí ni de allá”, “Main Room” communication agency, Barcelona, Spain.

I was in charge of designing a project for a three-month school intervention regarding the conditions and problems of teenagers while at school.  From a psychosocial approach, I developed twelve subjects to be scripted and put into practice in the classrooms. The project was meant to be implemented in the Catalonian public schools during tutorial classes with students between 14 and 16 years of age.


May 2005 – February 2006

  • Assistant Researcher: VISAN: “Visiones de la Sanidad Pública”, Department of Social Psychology (UAB), Servei Català de la Salut.

I developed a memory of categories or meta-analysis of the studies based on the perceptions of professionals, managers and users regarding the Catalonian Health System.


September 2002 – June 2003

  • “Las Festividades Caraqueñas, crónica de una política de exclusión”; as part of the research credits for the doctorate studies in Social Psychology. Supervisor: Félix Vázquez Sixto, Department of Social Psychology, UAB.


March – November 2001

Enciclopedia Océano de Venezuela. (Vol 1 y 2), Barcelona Océano 2000

Each chapter explained a specific period of the political and economic history of Venezuela, from the second half of the twentieth century until present-day. The research focused on documentary and sociological analysis of the following areas: institutions, politics, state services, oil industry and commercial sectors.


April 1999 – June 2000

  • Researcher and writer: Grandes personajes universales y de Venezuela. (Vol. 2). Barcelona: Océano, 2000.

The research and writing encompassed the most relevant issues of the life and work of important members of the Venezuelan political and cultural spheres.


March 1998 – 1999

  • Researcher and writer of four chapters: Enciclopedia de Venezuela    (Vol. 2). Barcelona: Océano,.


September 1992 – October 1996 

  • “La corrupción como un problema de observación”; undergratuate dissertation. Supervisor: Maria Sol Pérez Schael. Sociology School, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV).
  • Embodied epistemologies
  • Biopolitics and vulnerability
  • Justice and victimization


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