CareNet expertise is built upon Science and Technology Studies (STS), Feminist & Disability Studies and has extensive experience in qualitative and participative methods


Israel Rodríguez

Co-Director · Associate Professor · UOC

PhD in Social Psychology
Social Movements – STS – Disasters

Daniel López

Co-director · Associate Professor · UOC

PhD in Social Psychology
Care – STS – Ageing

Asun Pié

Associate Professor · UOC

PhD in Social Pedagogy
Disability – Queer Studies – Care

Miriam Arenas

Assistant Professor · UOC/UB

PhD in Sociology
Feminism & Disability – Social Movements – Participatory Methods

Nizaiá Cassián

Assistant Professor · UOC

PhD in Social Psychology
Urban Studies – Feminist Epistemologies and Writing – Anti-racist fighting

Brigida Maestres

Assistant Professor · UOC

PhD in Social Psychology
Embodied epistemologies –
Biopolitics & vulnerability –
Justice & victimization

Belén Jiménez

Professor & researcher · UOC

PhD in Psychology
Grief – End of life – Digital (tools)

Roser Beneito

Associate Professor · UOC / Cardiff University

PhD in Fine Arts – MA Sociology
Digital Sociology – Ageing – Dissasters

Tomás Sánchez Criado

Ramon y Cajal Senior Research Fellow · UOC

PhD in Anthropology
Care – Science and Technology Studies – Urban infrastructures – Multimodal ethnography

Maria Cifre Sabater

Postdoc researcher · UOC

PhD in Environmental Anthropology 

Forest Fires – Natural Protected Areas – Socioenvironmental conflicts

Laia Ventura

Postdoc researcher · UOC

PhD in Anthropology and Communication
Public Health – Social Inequalities –Sexuality Studies – Infectious diseases

Andrea G.Santesmases

Assistant Professor · UNED

PhD in Sociology
Disability Studies – Gender Studies – Sexuality Studies

Blanca Callén

Assitant Professor · UOC/ UVIC – UCC

PhD Social Psychology
Science, Technology and Society- Collective Action – Material Cultures

Joan Moyà Köhler

Associate Professor · URL/UAB

PhD Social Psychology
Social Movements – Down Syndrome – Learning Disabilities


Rocío Thovar

FI grant – holder · UB

PhD Candidate in Citizenship and Human Rights · FPU grant-holder
Animal Rights Movement – Animal Ethics – Bioethics

Cristina Barrial

Grant – holder at UOC

PhD Candidate in Society, Technology and Culture 
Care – Labour – Collective Action

Isabeau Ottolini

Grant – holder at MSCA – ITN · UOC

PhD Candidate in Information and Knowledge Society
Communication – Socio-environmental conflicts – Living with fire

Lluvi Farré

FI grant – holder · UOC

PhD Candidate in Information and Knowledge Society
Ageing – STS – Care – Architecture

Mònica Genover

FI grant – holder · UB

PhD Candidate in Social Organizational Psychology 
Ageing – Care – Queer Studies and LGTBQ ageing –  Inequality

Pelin Çakir

Grant – holder at UOC

PhD Candidate in Health and Psychology
Mobility – Vulnerability – Collective Care – Social Movements – Queer/Feminist Studies

Álvaro Poo

Grant – holder at MSCA – ITN · UOC

PhD Candidate
Integrated land (and fire) management – Commons – Rural communities

Catuxa Máiz

FI grant – holder · UOC

PhD Candidate
Care – Genre Studies – Public Health



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