From alliance to trust: constructing Crip-Queer intimacies



Yes, we fuck! (2015) is a documentary that seeks to portray the sexuality of people with functional diversity that focuses on their empowerment and critiques ableism. Its filming has helped to generate alliances between Spanish activist groups, which have been named Alianzas Tullido-Transfeministas (Crip-Queer Alliances). Based on a research project that combined traditional and digital ethnography, this article reflects on how these crip-queer alliances have been constructed. First, we present a genealogy that contextualizes key events and explains their origins. Second, we analyse the construction process of the alliances, from queer to crip and vice versa, in order to reflect on the notions of intimacy that these alliances mobilize, while analysing their discourses and performances around the body, bonding, desire and sexuality. Finally, we explain the potential, as well as the difficulties and challenges, of these alliances. We conclude that they have followed their own situated process, where activists bring into play their bodies, emotions and intimacies and thus generate enormous potential for political action that questions ableism and heteropatriarchy.

García-Santesmases Fernández, A.; Vergés Bosch, N.; Almeda Samaranch, E. (2017). From alliance to trust: constructing Crip-Queer intimacies. Journal of Gender Studies, 26(3), 269-281.

Núria Vergés Bosch (Department of Sociology, University of Barcelona)

Elisabet Almeda Samaranch (Department of Sociology, University of Barcelona)