The Forgotten: Violence and (Micro)Resistance in Disabled Women’s Lives



The violence against disabled women has its own mechanisms, which differentiates it from the violence suffered by women or the disabled in general. The few Spanish studies on this issue have focused on “double discrimination,” instead we propose intersectionality as a more suitable epistemological framework. The research, carried out in Spain, is based on five life stories of disabled activist women which show us how heteropatriarchal and ableist violence intersect in their lives, and the resistance mechanisms that they develop to deal with it. This research gives important clues to plan and design effective interventions for and with disabled women.

Garcia-Santesmases, A. & Pié, A. (2017). The Forgotten: Violence and (Micro)Resistance in Spanish Disabled Women’s Lives. Affilia, 32(4), 432-445.