How to understand what a “Slow Disaster” means, interview with Israel Rodriguez in Ràdio 4

CareNet’s co-director participates in Vida Verda” to talk about his research in areas contaminated and devastated by chemical, energy and agricultural industries


The ” Slow Disasters” are those that we live day by day without knowing why they happen, much less how such a scenario has come about. Israel Rodríguez, with a wide experience in this field, participates in Vida Verda, where he emphasizes that the concept of “Slow Disaster” allows us to extend the questions about catastrophes and add other specialties that do not usually fit in emergency contexts. Israel points out: “We handle problems with the help of emergencies and this also generates a paradox: we call them and at the same time we do not go to the origin of many of the problems”.

Listen to his full intervention on RTVE