[PANEL] Mundane Media Moments: Ageing, the Ordinary, and Everyday Life (ACT and Socio-Gerontology Network)

Hosted by Alexander Peine. Speakers: Dr. Wendy Martin, Dr. Mireia Fernández-Ardèvol, Dr. Galit Nimrod and Dr. Daniel Lopez


Report on the graphic governance of covid-19. Speakers: Màrius Boada, Lorena Elvira, Albert Carles, Clara Prats, Manel Medina, Cristina Rovira, Anna Llupià and Israel Rodríguez Giralt. 

[REPORT] “Salut mental i altres eixos d’inequitat social”

[WEBINAR] Challenges of ageing. An interdisciplinary look at old age| UOC 

What do technological innovations for aging societies? What notions of care do they construct? What notions of old age? Presentation by Daniel López Gomez

Physical distancing, social distancing. Back to what normality?

Nuria Alabao, Israel Rodríguez and Brigitte Vasallo

Biennal Ciutat i Ciència. Facing a time of disasters: art and social science  

How can art and social sciences help us to survive, resist and challenge a time marked by increasingly frequent and diverse disasters, pandemics and catastrophes? With Israel Rodríguez, Agustí Nieto – Galán, Paula Bruna, Bob Trafford and Laura Beníto Valero

Conversation Redes Iberoamericanas ESCT

Representatives of ESCT networks from Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Spain are participating

Intersectionality under debate: when oppressions meet 

Talk moderate by Andrea García – Santamases (CareNet) and Laura Sanmiquel, predoctoral researcher at the Department of Social Psychology of the UAB

Presentation of “Toolkit for Collaborative Management of Medication in Mental Health 

Presentation of “Toolkit for Collaborative Management of Medication in Mental Health” a research project coordinated by CareNet-IN3-UOC and MARC-DAFITS-URV

I International Conference: Deconstructing and transforming education from an intersectional approach (UCM) – Asun Pie Balaguer

I International Conference: Deconstructing and transforming education from an intersectional approach (UCM) – Andrea García – Santesmases


Catastrophes and vulnerability have brought us to the forefront the urgency of acting against the consequences of the Anthropocene. Speakers:  José Luis de Vicente, Joana Moll, Andy Gracie, Israel Rodríguez, Ingrid Guardiola and relator Vanina Hofman 

Care in living with elderly people

We present the 6th guide of the collection “Construïm habitatge cooperatiu”. This guide is born from the concerns of groups of elderly people who want to go to live in community – an emerging reality – and consider an active aging with self-management of care. Participants: Sonia Fuertes, Anna Corrons, Laia Terual and Lluvi Farré

[BTV] Trèvol de 4 fulles – “Aliances”

Andrea García-Santesmases explains the possibilities and challenges of alliances between feminisms and functional diversity activism 

[BTV] Trèvol de 4 fulles – “La bellesa, el cos perfecte, els estereotips”

Asun Pié talks about the patriarchal and enabling normativity that is imposed on functional diverse bodies

Yennifer Paola Villa, Predoctoral researcher in Universidad Pedagógica Nacional de Colombia, compiles through (auto)biographical experiences, the life of Rose Ammarantha Wass Suaréz, a Colombian trans woman, activist and visually impaired

By Daniel López Gómez, co – director at  CareNet

Presentation of Sara Degli Esposti, IN3 researcher at the UOC Research Showcase 2017

Feminist Debates on the Disability Congress

Queer/Crip Panel. Laura Moya (Universidad de Zaragoza) and Andrea García-Santesmases (UOC) 


Cicle “Planeta Persona”

Cicle Planeta Persona – Facing a time of disasters

What narratives do we use to understand the climate crisis? Through what images and imaginaries do we think and make visible what it means to live and coexist in this situation? Speakers: Marta Puxan Oliva, Manuel Tironi, Sonia Ramos Chocobar, Martin Savransky and Israel Rodríguez – Geralt 

Cicle Planeta Persona – Worlds in common

Images of collapse and climate emergency tend to place human societies at the center of the climate crisis. But what about the non-human societies with which we share worlds and existence? Is it possible to think of an “us”? With Rocío Thovar, Paula Bruna, Blanca Callén and Israel Rodríguez – Giralt

Cicle Planeta Persona – Recovering the future


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