Victoria Andelsman Álvarez, PhD candidate at the University of Copenhagen and researcher of the ERC project “Datafied Living” is doing a research stay at CareNet

Victoria Andelsman investigates digital parenting infrastructures as well as implications of digitalized care for family life.

Her PhD explores how digital technologies participate in everyday family life, altering not only how families connect with each other but also how they do care, intimacy, leisure, routine and more. Through her research, Victoria looks at parents’ experiences, exposing how digital technology creates both opportunities and obstacles for connection and communication within the family. Her work also seeks to incorporate the subjective dimension of digital parenting alongside the political economy and privacy issues that emerge from these practices.

As part of her stay at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute of the UOC, Victoria will participate in the institute’s group activities, as well as present her own research in a seminar co-organized with Prof. Daniel Lopez. 


Sobre la investigadora

Victoria Andelsman Álvarez is a PhD Fellow at the Datafied Living project at the University of Copenhagen. She holds a Research Master’s degree in new media and digital culture from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Victoria received her BA in Communication from Universidad de San Andrés in Argentina, her home country.

Victoria Andelsman

PhD Candidate


Universidad de Copenhagen


Tutor: Dra. Stine Lomborg

Research stay start date: 01/02/2023

Research stay end date: 31/03/2023