Accounting and facilitating the creation of a care model for the senior cohousing initiative Can 70

This project is part of the collaboration between CareNet-IN3 / Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and the senior cohousing initiative Can 70, based on the commission made by Sostre Cívic to develop a guide on self-management of care in senior cohousing projects.

Over the period of a year, a researcher from the CareNet research group has related the collective work of this group of senior cohousing, focusing on the definition and organization of care for their project. The purpose of this work was to produce a publication to give an account of the process and its learning and achievements, in order to become a useful and inspiring tool for the development of other similar projects.

As a result of this process we have written together with Can 70 some of the chapters of ‘Cures en la convivència de persones grans’, the sixth volume of the “Construïm habitatge cooperatiu” collection edited by the Sostre Cívic housing cooperative.

a) Collect data from the work process on care carried out by the group using participant observation and the activation of a relating process.

b) Produce a collective authorship participatory text that gives an account for the process and results of the work carried out by the senior cohousing project.


Funding sources: CareNet/IN3 and Sostre Cívic

Start date: 25/01/2019

Finish date: 26/02/2020