La soledad de las marionetas: Delirio pedagógico (epistolar) sobre las tiranías del nombre



This text recovers the epistolary language and enables the author to bring in the feeling, the narration and the experience around a cognitive problem that is difficult to solve: can the word appropriate reality? What are the effects of naming, in general, and naming disabled, in particular? Through various testimonies from the author, about her experience as a user of a foundation for the blind in Barcelona, ​​as well as others closely linked to institutional experiences around her vision, the author lets her other role as a teacher enter the task of making reflect on these experiences. Here again, she uses a third artifact of her own experience in order to objectify and signify her. Both in the letter and in the testimonies that compose it, the relationship between the way of naming, the approach to intervention problems and the effects that fall on people’s lives is clear. Especially when the name that is attributed is that of “disability”, in a highly bureaucratized society on its government.

Maestres, Brigida (2019). La soledad de las marionetas. Delirio pedagógico (epistolar) sobre las tiranías del nombre. In A. Pie (Coord.). Escenas de Educación Social II. Barcelona: F. UOC.