Patrimonialització de la naturalesa. Aportacions des de l’Antropologia Ambiental



Throughout the last decades, the increasingly visible global environmental crisis has fosteredseveral socio-political responses, among them, the creation of protected and heritage naturalareas. This paper discusses some of the challenges currently faced by the management of theanthropogenic elements and natural heritage of Serra de Tramuntana, from the perspectiveand methodology of Environmental Anthropology. Moreover, the paper presents some of thecontributions that Environmental Anthropology currently makes for a more comprehensivemanagement of socio-environmental heritage aimed at increasing its resilience.

Cifre-Sabater, M. (2017) “Patrimonialització de la naturalesa. Aportacions des de l’Antropologia Ambiental”. In Ramis, A. (ed.) II Jornades de Cultura Popular i Tradicional de les Illes Balears. Eivissa: Consell d’Eivissa, Departament d’Educació, Patrimoni, Cultura, Esports i Juventut, pp. 53–69.