Barcelona s’endolla!

Community project promoted by RestartersBCN and coordinated by Blanca Callén. Its aim was to activate and consolidate repair communities in the districts of Sant Andreu and Sant Martí, in Barcelona, to organise, in a network and autonomously, Restart Parties: free public events where volunteer repairers help participants to learn how to repair their electrical and electronic appliances in a relaxed atmosphere. The project works as a pilot plan that aims to be replicated in the future in other districts of the city of Barcelona, to create a municipal network of neighbourhood repair communities.

To facilitate the creation and consolidation of neighbourhood repair communities – in the districts of Sant Andreu and Sant Martí – that periodically organise Restart Parties in a collaborative and self-managed way.

This general objective involves several aims of the project:

  1. a) To prevent the generation of electronic waste by extending the useful life of our electrical and electronic equipment, thus moving towards the goal of zero waste and minimising the ecological footprint on the planet by reducing emissions.
  2. b) Encourage responsible consumption and the circular and sustainable economy among the population of Barcelona, promoting the repair and self-repair of technology.
  3. c) To foster social innovation and citizen co-responsibility in the processes of empowerment and improvement of people’s quality of life, through the promotion of active community life and the idea of the “smart citizen” in Barcelona.
  4. d) Raise awareness of eco-design and eco-production, promoting values, practices, criteria and advice against programmed obsolescence.
  5. e) To create collaborative spaces for informal education and self-learning (DIWO: Do IT With Others) that vitalise volunteering and collaborative work in neighbourhood networks for the extension of the culture of sustainability and repair among the population of Barcelona.
  6. f) To fight against the gender gap in the field of technology, facilitating the empowerment of women through collaborative learning for the re-appropriation of technological knowledge.
  7. g) To promote free culture and open knowledge, defending the right to repair (access, know, manipulate and share) by users and consumers of technology.

Asociación Restarters BCN

Funding Body: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Programme: grants for carrying out projects, activities and city and district services for the year 2019

Reference: 19S00488-001 / 19S02727-001

Start date: 01/01/2019

End date: 31/12/2019

Blanca Callén

Principal Researcher