VINCLES-COVID – VINCLES in times of pandemic: entertainment, social connectivity and support

For people over 70 years of age, the most affected by the pandemic (86% of deaths in Spain), distancing measures protected them but also strengthened social isolation, causing negative consequences on their physical and psychological health and damaging their dignity and moral integrity. They have been related to increasing risk of abuse, mistreatment and violation of rights against older people, both at home and in residential homes. In order to avoid such negative consequences, the digitalisation of support and elderly care services as well as of neighbourhood and family support networks have been essential. In this sense, the municipal service VINCLESBCN has been a key element in articulating this type of community response: firstly, because its main objective has been the prevention of social isolation and unwanted loneliness, a problem that could be aggravated during confinement and post-confinement and as a consequence of exposure to contagion, especially among older people due to the risk of contracting COVID-19. Secondly, the fact that VinclesBCN is a digital social network has allowed its users to maintain social contact without the need for physical contact, therefore, from home and in a safe way. In other words, VinclesBCN is a space for socialising that didn’t close down during the pandemic and therefore people could continue to meet and do some social activities without the risks of face-to-face contact. Thirdly, VinclesBCN has created a space to provide health information, counselling and cover support needs. 
This project aims to assess whether VINCLESBCN has become an infrastructure that reinforces community resilience in crisis situations such as COVID-19.

L’objectiu del projecte VINCLES-COVID és avaluar l’actuació del servei en tots els canals durant la pandèmia per comprendre en quin sentit ha contribuït a reforçar la connectivitat social dels seus usuaris i la resiliència comunitària enfront de la pandèmia i per a qui ho ha fet i per a qui no. A través de la identificació de necessitats de connectivitat social i de suport cobertes i no cobertes pel servei, oferirem recomanacions que puguin ajudar al servei municipal VINCLESBCN a convertir-se en una infraestructura que reforci la resiliencia comunitaria de Barcelona, una ciutat cada vegada més envellida i que s’enfrontarà a crisis sanitàries i mediambientals cada vegada més freqüents.


Funding sources: Ajuntament de Barcelona | Departament de Promoció de Persones Grans

Drets Socials, Justícia Global, Feminismes i LGTBI

Start date: 01/09/2020

Finish date: 31/12/2020