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Assistant Professor · Part-time researcher

Miriam Arenas is PhD in Sociology at the University of Barcelona. She was graduated in Sociology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (2004), and has been visiting scholar at the Centre for Disability Studies of the University of Leeds (2010) and at the Observatório da Deficiência e Direitos Humanos (ODDH), Universidade de Lisboa (2015).

As a researcher, she has been exploring the intersection between Feminist Studies and Disability Studies, focusing on the analysis of new social movements within disability politics. She has also experience in diverse research projects about children, youngsters, elders and disabled people and how to increase their role in policy-making, with a particular interest in participatory research methods.

At this moment, she is researcher at the CARENET group (IN3-UOC) and associate lecturer in Education Studies at the University of Barcelona. She has also been collaborating teacher in the Psychology and Education Studies at the Open University of Catalonia.

Arenas, M.; García-Santesmases, A. (2018). ¿Puede ir Hamlet en silla de ruedas? Cuerpos diversos y creación artística. In Bretones, E. & Pié, A. (Eds). Cuerpos de la educación social. Barcelona: Editorial UOC. pp. 61-90. ISBN: 9788491801023.

García-Santesmases Fernández, A.; Arenas Conejo, M. (2017). Playing crip: the politics of disabled artists’ performances in Spain. Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance, 22(3), 345-351.

Arenas Conejo, M. (2015). Una Mirada Interseccional a la Violencia contra las Mujeres con Diversidad Funcional. Oñati Socio-legal Series [online], 5 (2).

Arenas Conejo, M. (2014). El precariat davant la crisi: reptes i oportunitats. Temps d’Educació. Monogràfic: Crisi, vulnerabilitat i nous imaginaris socials, 47, 49 -68.

Arenas Conejo, M; Pié Balaguer, A. (2014) Las comisiones de diversidad funcional en el 15M español: poner el cuerpo en el espacio público. Política y Sociedad, 51 (1), 227-245.

Arenas Conejo, M. (2013) At the intersection of feminist and disability rights movements. From equality in difference to human diversity claims. In S. Barnartt & B. Altman (eds.) Research in Social Science and Disability. Vol. 7:  Disability and Intersecting Statuses. Emerald. Pàgs: 23 – 44.

Arenas Conejo, M. (2011) Disabled women and transnational feminisms: shifting boundaries and frontiers. Disability & Society. 26 (5), 597-609.

Arenas Conejo, M. (2009) Las mujeres con diversidad funcional (discapacidad) como agentes de transformación social: una perspectiva internacional. Feminismo/s. 13,  49 – 68.

Sayago, S.; González, M; Arenas,M,; López, L. (2008) Meeting the educational needs of the elderly in ICT: two exploratory case studies. ACM Crossroads, 14.2.

  • Feminism & Disability
  • Social Movements
  • Participatory Methods


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