Guia per a una docència en línia amb perspectiva de gènere



The text is based on a literature review of online teaching from a gender perspective. It is situated in broader debates about distance education and the relationship of digital technologies with gender. From here, the guide articulates a proposal based on principles of feminist pedagogy, providing guidelines and examples about its implementation throughout the designing of online teaching. It considers, among others, aspects such as learning methodologies and activities, evaluation, or educational relationships. A specific section on teaching for research based on the feminist research tenets is also incorporated. Overall, it is a guide that aims to help university teachers rethink their educational activities that are at some level mediated by digital technologies to make them more accessible and equitable from a feminist and intersectional point of view.

Garcia Gonzàlez, Iolanda; Arenas Conejo, Míriam (2021) Guia per a una docència en línia amb perspectiva de gènere. Xarxa Vives d’Universitats

Iolanda Garcia Gonzàlez