Grassroots community care initiatives in Barcelona

The objective of the project is to give visibility and recognition to the community support initiatives that already exist in the city of Barcelona, gathering their experience in practical recommendations that can be used to promote and create new initiatives in the city. Initiatives will be fundamentally articulated in three areas: co-parenting projects, cohousing initiatives (intergenerational and senior) and support groups for informal caregivers.

The project aims to promote the democratization of care practices, and the dissemination of the knowledge generated by those groups, as a strategy to promote the socialization of care from the community networks. It also aims to promote gender co-responsibility in the field of care, and the generation of new public-community models that can help on the provision of satisfactory answers for all those involved in.

Although it is presented as a delimited project in time, the fact of collecting the knowledge in a practical kit, it assumes a certain continuity over time, turning into a starting point for new debates, initiatives and workshops.

  • To promote the visibility of these community initiatives for the citizens of Barcelona, highlighting their role in the process of dignifying and socializing care.
  • To collect as recommendations and practical tools the knowledge based on the experience of the pioneering groups in Barcelona in the development of community initiatives in Barcelona.
  • To introduce the knowledge and practices developed by these community initiatives to other groups and/or people with interest in starting their own initiative or thinking on new solutions to the problem of “the crisis of care”.

Funding agency: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona 

Program: ICUB/IBE/IMPD/IMEB per a la realització de projectes, activitats i serveis de districte i de ciutat

Reference: 18S01328- 001

Starting date: 01/10/2018

End date: 31/12/2018

Daniel López

Investigador principal