De cuerpos y palabras. ¿Cómo nombramos al otro?



Naming the other is a way of creating reality, but of creating reality tailored to the individual who performs the act of appointment. This entails holding a certain position, a status that allows them to exercise defining power over the other. The different forms of naming that non-normative bodies and minds have received throughout history have led to a field of legitimation of systematic violence practiced against them. Thus the chapter On bodies and words. How do we name the other? presents an analysis of the most notable linguistic paths on disability in the last century, up to the current emergence of new words open to new semantic territories and to new grammars of diversity.

Planella Ribera, Jordi y Pié Balaguer, Asun (2021). De cuerpos y palabras. ¿Cómo nombramos al otro?. En Pié Balaguer, Asun y Planella Ribera, Jordi (2021). Corpografías de la discapacidad. ¿Puede la pedagogía escapar del cuerpo? Buenos Aires: Lugar Editorial.

Jordi Planella Ribera, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya