Kit per al desenvolupament d’iniciatives comunitàries de cures



This ‘Toolkit for the development of community-based care initiatives’ (Moyà-Köhler, 2020) is the result of the work carried out by the CareNet research group in the framework of the Community Care Initiatives project in Barcelona –refering those initiatives looking for collective organization alternatives in order to contest individualizing dynamics in relation to the work of providing care-. This project is based on a review of the literature in the field, from fieldwork based on three group interviews to community care initiatives related to senior cohousing, parenting and caregivers, from the results of previous projects –especially the MOVICOMA project devoted to the study of the cooperative senior cohousing movement in Spain– and aims to make visible the existing community-based initiatives in the city of Barcelona, ​​in order to collect their experience on this “toolkit”. This proposal aims to be a tool for new community-based initiatives that want to think about care: a “practical toolkit” that, far from being a collection of pre-established solutions, seeks to open spaces for problematization to generate debates and reflections on care.


This downloadable toolkit consists of a central document and several other documents that are intended to be useful tools to complement its use. Here are the details:

  1. Main document containing the Kit itself.
  2. “Toolkit Cards” document containing the action cards that guide part of the activities, already included in the        main document, but which are arranged here in a more useful format to be printed.
  3. “The Test Toolkit” document. A testimony that collects the experience of testing the toolkit in a specific community initiative: the group of Senior Cohabitatge Can 70 of Barcelona. This document present ​​as well as some practical usability recommendations.
  4. Finally, if you use this Toolkit, we would like you to share it with us through this form. It will be very useful for us to know what your experience with the Toolkit has been like, how you have adapted it to your uniqueness and what aspects have been most useful to you. You can also use the form to send us suggestions for improvement, including possible new cards for the document, or suggesting new phases to include as part of the Toolkit.

(Click on the images to download the Toolkit documents)

1. Toolkit for the development of community-based care intitatives (in catalan)

2. “Toolkit Cards” (in catalan)


3. “The Test Toolkit” (in catalan)

Moyà-Köhler, Joan (2020). Kit per al desenvolupament d’iniciatives comunitàries de cures, CareNet / Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.