Barcelona Recircula

This project proposes to create a space for co-creation and co-design made up of various projects and initiatives in the city of Barcelona that work within the framework of promoting the circular economy, the reuse of resources and co-management. It aims, on one hand, to promote knowledge of the entities and projects grouped in the project, as well as to create an online space of reference in the city, activating a shared toolbox of resources in order to democratise the use of each project’s own strategies to the rest. The main objectives of the project respond to the common need to strengthen the spaces in the city that work for sustainability and innovation in terms of management and use of resources. At the same time, it is proposed to use co-creation and co-management strategies for the development and creation of a reference structure/web space at city level from which to promote the replicability of the grouped projects through guides, tutorials and pedagogical and dissemination materials. It is envisaged and planned to be able, through this reference platform, to make available to other similar projects and initiatives – as well as to citizens in general – different tools and resources to improve and quantify the social and environmental impact of their actions.

A- Generate synergies and promote networking between partner organisations to enrich the projects already in operation and integrate them into common spaces.

B- Strengthen, integrate and multiply innovative community projects and city benchmarks in the field of circular economy and waste minimisation.

C- Facilitate the replication of existing community circular economy and waste minimisation projects in other areas of the city.

(Restarters BCN)

Tarpuna SSCL

Nusos Activitats Científiques i Culturals SCCL

Rezero – Fundació per a la Prevenció de Residus i el Consum Responsable

Impulsem SCCL


Funding Body: Ajuntament de Barcelona

Programme: Ajuts per al desenvolupament de projectes en el marc de l’emergència climàtica de la ciutat de Barcelona 2020

Reference: 20S06874-001

Start date: 01/01/2021

End date: 31/12/2021


Blanca Callén

Principal Researcher